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The Jervis Bay Hearing Centre is a Hearing, Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant centre of Excellence. We offer Hearing care solutions as well as repairs, support for patients and maintenance of their devices.

How can we
help you?

We understand that hearing loss impacts families and communities as well as individuals and our goal is to provide hearing care that addresses the whole person and their family. How can we help you today?

Your clinicians

Our goal is to enrich the lives or our patients by reconnecting them to their relationships, spontaneous conversation and the punchlines in jokes.

Practice Principal and Principal Audiologist, BSc.(Melb),Dip.Aud.(Melb),M.Aud.S.A.(C.C.)


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We offer a FREE appointment to check your hearing. The check is fast, fun and FREE. A hearing check only takes 15 minutes, is a small investment of your time and it can identify hearing loss.

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Marjorie’s Story

Better hearing has improved every aspect of my life, especially keeping in touch with friends and family.