Assistive Listening Devices

These devices are used to provide hearing ability for people in a variety of specific situations.  They may be used to help people hear televisions and other audio devices and also to help people hear speech through public address systems such as in church or at a lecture.  They may also be an alert system for example a smoke alarm which uses vibration or flashing light to wake a hearing impaired person.

Various devices are available including:

  • Bluetooth connected devices
  • Telephones with adjustable volume and tone controls
  • Television headsets with independent volume controls
  • ​Doorbells with low pitch chime and visual prompts
  • Alarm clocks with volume control, tone, vibration, and flash alert
  • Wireless alert systems for the telephone, smoke detector, doorbell and baby cry monitor
  • Induction hooks and loops which work with Telecoil feature of hearing aids to reduce background noise
  • Personal amplifiers which assist to increase surrounding noise
  • FM systems to help reduce the impacts of background noise and distance


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