Despite the fact that hearing health affects millions of Australians, we know that funding for hearing services is fragmented between Commonwealth and State agencies and between the public and private sectors. There is no coordinated overall hearing healthcare program across Australia.
We are trying to assist people to understand current funding policy and hope that this information forms a practical guide. The guide is an overview of funding options and also includes a table of audiological benefits from private health funds. The table allows you to see at a glance what the various health funds contribute to hearing aids so you can compare and make informed decisions. You should note that it is difficult to make direct comparisons between health funds because there are significant differences between the various States and Territories.  Always make direct enquiries about your particular situation and we will try our very best to help you out.

There are several funding options that may be available to you including:

  1. Hearing Services Program – this funding stream is available to pension card, sickness healthcare card and Veterans Affairs Gold Card holders and covers consultation, assessment and the provision of hearing devices.
  2. Workers Compensation – for accepted claims. We are also able to assist with new applications under the Government Industrial Deafness Scheme.
  3. Medicare – with a GP referral, you are able to claim a rebate through Medicare for Audiology services, making hearing services affordable and more accessible for everyone.
  4. Chronic Disease Management – this funding stream is available to GP identified chronic disease sufferers with some appointments being eligible for Medicare Bulk Billing (no fee to patient)
  5. Australian Defence Force Members – We see ADF members under a voucher program which we are happy to organise so there is no cost to the patient.
  6. Veterans Affairs white Card holders – In most circumstances, we can obtain funding for White Card holders when they do not already have hearing as a listed condition
  7. Private Health Fund – depending on the individuals policy, our services can be rebated. Cochlear implants and their processors can also be fully rebated.

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