Hearing Aids

How do you find a Hearing Aid that suits your individual needs?

Hearing aids have improved dramatically in recent years and there is now a lot of choice around how your hearing aid can both perform and look. You will want to consider things like your lifestyle needs, your personal preferences in terms of appearance and also what works within your budget.  The most important aspect is to make sure your new device is set up carefully for your ear canal acoustics, hearing loss and your management needs. 

We will listen to you and understand what is important to you before we recommend a hearing device that will provide you with the best results for improving your hearing situation.

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Hearing Aid Technology

In years gone by the only hearing aid options were known as analogue hearing aids. They had all the same four basic parts. They had the microphone, the amplifier, the speaker and the power supply. The amplifier was much simpler and any control that you had over the sound of the hearing aid had to physically be built into the hearing aid itself and they we’re really limited by the space. Hearing aids of old were often bulky and obvious to see on a person’s ear. 

Fortunately advances in technology now allow for sophisticated digital electronics to be available in sleek and attractive hearing aids that are discreet and even fashionable. The best hearing aids keep your sound clear and comfortable even in more difficult hearing situations.

The main advantage of the digital technology in a hearing aid is in the amount of flexibility and control that we now have over the sound that the hearing aid produces. We can do much more with a digital signal than we could with the older analog hearing aids. The sound in a digital hearing aid is picked up by the microphone and is converted to a digital signal or a sequence of code. We can do so much more with that code than we could with the older technology.

Hearing aids now come with all sorts of options for addressing back ground noise too. They also come with specialised microphones and noise reduction systems. The performance of your hearing aid and providing you with the best level of hearing wellness is our main priority at the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre so this is why we insist that we work ‘together’ with our clients to find the very best solution we can.

Getting Hearing Aids Fitted

The most important thing about hearing aids is getting them fit accurately and maintaining their performance over the lifetime of the technology. Fitting a hearing aid involves understanding how sound is changed by the shape and individual characteristics of your ear canal and mapping that to the hearing aid. It involves fitting a reference which is calculated from your audiogram and from the acoustics of your ear canal and measuring your hearing aids’ output when it is working in your ear. It cannot be performed without you!!

We recommend that you have your hearing and hearing aid fitting reviewed annually.   


Despite the fact that hearing health affects millions of Australians, we know that funding for hearing services is fragmented between Commonwealth and State agencies and

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