Communications Training

Sometimes hearing aids are not the solution to a hearing loss. If you are not yet ready for a hearing aid because you have a hearing loss but don’t feel ready or you have a hearing loss which is not severe enough to consider fitting of a hearing aid then Communications training may be the pathway for you.

We work with you and a family member or friend to identify the impacts of your hearing loss and to assist you to work out strategies to manage your hearing loss. We want you to stay connected and in full communication with your family and your community whilst living with a hearing loss.

This program is designed to build your skills in communication strategies and will provide you with customised methods to help you to hear better in difficult listening situations. It will help you to listen more effectively and improve your communication. You can learn these skills over two sessions at the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre with an experienced qualified clinician.

​The aim of the program is to help you to avoid the stereotypical ‘deaf behaviour’ frequently shown by someone who is experiencing hearing difficulties. We have all seen someone trying to guess and blundering terribly as they misinterpret key words, heading off to “water the rose trees” instead of “picking up the groceries”.

We teach you useful communication skills BEFORE the hearing loss becomes a real issue. We encourage you to bring your partner or a friend along to these sessions to learn with you.

The program has achieved excellent results for many people who wish for an alternative to hearing aids. Many of those who have completed the sessions say the program has changed their lives.


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