Age is only a state of mind

​Age, a state of mind?

​How often have you met a vibrant person whom you cant possibly place in terms of age?  It happens to me all the time, people come into the hearing centre and we sit chatting away about their iives.  Im revelling in the joy, fun and energy around the tales of chasing golf balls, bloopers at a family do and watching their grandkids or children deal with their next challenge or new learning.   I think oh yeah, 60 years then glance at their file only to find they were born in the 1920s and have just celebrated their 90 – something birthday!!  It also happens that people in their 60s look and sound over 100.  I cant help it but i love people that smash stereotypes.  

Im not a big TV watcher but who doesnt love the ABC series You Can’t Ask That, a program that allows viewers to put to different groups in society the awkward and inappropriate questions that they have been too afraid to ask. A group of Australian Centenarians line up to answer the tough questions.
One of the Centenarians is Eileen Kramer, born in 1914, Eileen was a self-dubbed ‘later bloomer’ into the world of dance. Performing with the Bodenwieser Ballet, Australia’s first modern dance company, Eileen travelled the world building her remarkable career as a writer, dancer, painter, costume designer and choreographer.
Today, despite the ways in which some may assume a 103 year old spends her days, Eileen’s long creative career is continuing, with multiple projects underway.
Eileen is an ambassador for the Arts Health Institute, at 103 she is savvy, smart, an award winning and a globe-trotting dancer.   She is slamming stereotypes by answering questions such as ‘why aren’t you dead yet?’ and ‘when did you last have sex?’
You can catch it on ABC’s IVIEW or to read more about Eileen’s incredible life and career when you visit this link.

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