Alison Chiam Accredited Audiologist, Achievements and Affiliations

Alison is an Independent Audiologist with over 27 years experience in Paediatric and Adult Audiology.  Alison’s professional and ethical approach to Audiology has earned her lifelong patients and regard amongst her peers.  Her focus is Rehabilitative Audiology and the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre is a Centre of Excellence with a focus on Hearing, Hearing aids and Cochlear Implants. 

She practices from the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre located on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.  She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1992 and has been recognised internationally for her contribution in furthering our understanding of Tinnitus and Hypercusis when she co-authored a paper with Myriam Westcott which won the Jack Vernon award at the International Tinnitus Seminar in Brazil.   She is passionate about empowering people and communities to reach their full potential.

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