Audiology Tips: Getting to Grips With The Oticon Opn Rechargeable Solution

In this newsletter, our audiology experts share some need-to-know facts about the new rechargeable solution for Oticon Opn, as well as their most frequently received questions. Read the tips here:

Fast Facts

•    The rechargeable solution is only compatible with the miniRITE style of Opn, not with the Plus Power or
      miniRITE –T

•    The Opn miniRITE aids need to charge for 7 continuous hours in order to get maximum length of use, not a
      short top up charge.

•    Zinc air batteries will work with the same rechargeable battery door.
•    The Opn miniRITEs operating with rechargeable batteries will function in exactly the same way as they do
      with zinc air batteries.

Fun fact

If you are streaming from an iPhone to your rechargeable Opn hearing aids, phone calls and alarms will still go to the hearing aids, even when they are in the charger. This means that you WILL NOT hear phone calls, text messages or alarms coming through when your devices are on charge. We recommend you TURN OFF Bluetooth at night or anytime they’re charging, to avoid missing calls and morning alarms.


What happens if I put zinc air batteries in the charger?
If you put the aids in the charger with zinc air batteries, a red indicator light will show, in order to prompt you to put in the correct batteries.

When does the battery need replacing?
The battery should last 400 charging cycles.

How do I exchange the battery door?
You need to remove the pin at the battery door hinge all the way and pull out the standard battery door. Put in the rechargeable door and put the pin back in.

If you have a technical question that we haven’t answered here, you can call Jervis Bay Hearing Centre Support on  4441-8886 during normal office hours.

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