But I’m Too Young To Have Hearing loss!

Have you ever muttered these words? 

Or is someone near you suffering from a hearing loss and considers they’re too young to wear a hearing device?  Do you think wearing a hearing device indicates that you’re advanced in years?

The irony is that living with an untreated hearing loss is much more of a ‘social concern’ and will impact more on your life, than treating the hearing loss with either communications training or wearing a hearing instrument.

Typically people with an untreated hearing loss often don’t even know much it impacts on those around them.  They may not be aware that people close to them often have to repeat themselves or repair conversations that breakdown when communication isn’t heard accurately.  Often when a person has an untreated hearing loss, they can hear many things but not everything and a lot of valuable information is lost in ‘translation’.

In this present day and age, hearing loss is very common in people much younger than in other generations and so much so, that it’s recommended that people over 50yrs of age should have their hearing checked every two years.  If you haven’t had your hearing checked, then the time to start monitoring your hearing wellness is now.

Advanced technology allows for hearing instruments to be so discreet and adaptive to your environment that there’s no need to be concerned about the visual impacts of wearing a hearing device.

Alternatively, the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre offers a hearing wellness communications training program that is designed to help people who don’t hear well and don’t consider a hearing device to be the right solution at this point in time.  The communications training program is extremely effective for helping people to stay connected and avoid becoming misunderstood.

The key to a happy and active life is to stay connected.  Easy and effortless communication is essential to your full participation in life.  Don’t let your hearing hold you back!

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