Causes of Hearing Loss

Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be stressful for those affected. But even though ageing is the main cause, there are some instances where avoidance can greatly reduce the occurrence of hearing damage.
Have a look at the most common causes of hearing loss below.
Ageing – Our hearing can deteriorate as we get older

Loud Work Areas – exposure to loud noise in your work environment can cause damage to your hearing

Loud Music – Listening to music loudly on your smartphone, in the car, or at concerts can lead to permanent hearing damage.

Sickness – Some diseases, viral infections and gene mutations can be the cause of hearing loss.

Medications – Certain types of medications can have negative side effects for hearing.  Always check with your doctor!

Lifestyle – Smoking, drinking alcohol and being overweight may result in hearing loss over time.

Injury – Physical damage to the ears, or serious injury to the head can cause hearing loss.

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