Did you know that hearing loss is our second biggest health problem? 

One person in every six suffers from hearing loss in Australia.
Over half of people with a hearing loss are under the age of 65

Hearing loss can affect anyone, regardless of their age. While the likelihood of having a hearing loss increases with age, it’s not just a problem that older people face.

Loss of hearing is much more than a lifestyle inconvenience. It affects how we communicate, how we manage in the workplace, our mental and emotional wellbeing, and our quality of life.
Unfortunately, many people don’t do anything about their hearing loss until it is very advanced, often waiting 8 – 10 years after it is first noticed. But delaying treatment for hearing loss can contribute to depression and social disconnection, and worsen dementia.

But there is good news too.

Treating your hearing loss can turn your life around, improve communication and participation in everyday activities with family and friends, and promote a sense of health and wellbeing. And treatment of hearing loss doesn’t always mean you need to have a hearing aid.
If you have hearing loss, or someone you know does, ask us for a free hearing check. It could make a big difference to your health and wellbeing.

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