Downsizing: Selling the family home after almost half a century

Downsizing: Selling the family home after almost half a century

Gerry and Rosemary Franklin have made a bittersweet decision that empty-nesters right across the country are faced with each year.
The Canberra couple will move into retirement accommodation later this year and sell the family home where they have lived for almost half a century.

in 1971, they purchased the house and land for $17,000 and $1900 respectively suburb of Farrer.  It’s hard to beleive when looking at house prices today!

The house has grown and changed to accomodate the familiy’s needs over the 46 years, with numerous additions and renovations.  At one stage their family of eight  were all living in the house!  But now with just the two of them, it’s become too big.

Over the years there’s been lots of big celebrstions here; for both the children and grandchildren.  But now they’ve all finished school, married and moved on with their own lives in the area.  They’ve also had Rosemary’s mother live the last years of her life with them in the house, before she died at 101.
With all these memories surrounding the house, it will be ‘tinged with sadness’ to leave

Mr Franklin says ‘”All the people that we know who have been through this say it’s like going overseas — it’s like sheer hell to go through, but when you get there, it’s marvellous.”


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