Hearing Awareness Week

It is believed that one in three older people who need hearing aids have them and many older people who would benefit from hearing aids wait 6 to 10 years before seeking them. They ignore the signs, which include turning the TV or stereo up so loud that others complain, frequently needing to ask others to repeat themselves and not being able to hear properly on the telephone.

People need motivation to seek and then persevere in the use of aids. Gentle encouragement by family and carers can help  Also the willingness to assist hearing impaired people in managing their hearing aids is critical for older people who quite commonly have reduced finger and arm dexterity or reduced vision.

Hearing impairment, if not attended to, can lead to serious consequences. Frustration and embarrassment arising from hearing difficulties can lead to social withdrawal and thus to isolation and loneliness. This can worsen depression and dementia. Recent research also suggests a physiological link between untreated hearing loss and Alzheimer’s disease in older people. Ability to enjoy TV, radio, music etc may provide some relief.

If a person is reluctant to get hearing aids, or is unlikely to persevere with them, they may be encouraged to use an ‘assistive listening device’ if only to watch TV, listen to the radio or music and to use a suitable phone to keep in touch with family and friends.

“As technology advances, many people with hearing loss benefit from hearing aids and cochlear implants. These innovations have made a positive difference in the way they can communicate and enjoy their lives

If you feel you or a loved one has an issue with hearing loss, the sooner you take action the sooner you put a stop to many negative effects possible from hearing loss. Why not take action during Hearing Awareness week by contacting the friendly staff at Jervis Bay Hearing Centre and arrange a free screening.
The sooner the hearing impairment is addressed the sooner you or your loved one can begin to regain sharpness, confidence and control.

Ring us on 44418886 Vincentia, or 44556000 Ulladulla.

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