It’s Not All About Hearing Aids…

It’s Not All About Hearing Aids…

A common misunderstanding is that solving hearing loss takes place with the fitting of a hearing instrument.  Certainly hearing aids may be part of the process, however they are just one set of tools an Audiologist may use.  Hearing loss is a complex problem affecting our hearing sense and is best solved by having access to a quality and trustworthy hearing centre.

Hearing loss is much more than just a lifestyle inconvenience.  It affects communication, workplace productivity, mental and emotional states, cognition and quality of life.  “Treating hearing loss early has been shown to reverse negative effects as well as help with cognition, social interactions, mobility and reduce the development of dementia and depression”

While there is a common myth that hearing loss is most prevalent in the elderly, the truth is that half of all cases of hearing loss occur in the working age group (15 to 64 years). “It is a myth that hearing loss is primarily an affliction of the aged, and that it is solved solely with the fitting of a hearing aid”

Usually people wait until their life is unbearable before visiting a Hearing Centre.  While others are motivated by external factors such as frustrated partners, children and friends dropping hints, making jokes or leaving strategically placed pamphlets around the house.  “I could see his grand-daughter knew he had no idea what she was saying to him.  He just nodded and smiled and she looked bemused.  She was so happy when he finally got his new ears!”

Early detection, having access to quality, trustworthy information and a well informed decision making process are important factors that contribute to you having a great experience and a great outcome with your Hearing Centre.  In face, at Jervis Bay Hearing Centre we make this a priority and ensure our clients are the focus of your business and not the sale of hearing aids, unlike our retail competitors.

Our Clinicians and team are here to help you begin your hearing wellness journey with a FREE hearing check.

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