Make Wise Choices, Ask Us First!

To all our valued clients,

Make wise choices – ask us first!.

We value your support and we want to ensure we support you fully.

We are aware of the many messages reaching you in different forms. We want you to know that when we send you information or a letter you will always be able to identify us by our logo.  

We are located in 3 locations at our hearing centres in Ulladulla (268 Green St), Vincentia (6 St George Avenue) and visit Sussex inlet (Community health centre).  We won’t ask you to go anywhere else and we don’t work from chemists, caravans, shopping centre’s or any other office.   Our rooms are specially treated, we have sound booths and special equipment so we can get accurate results.  We find it impossible to provide quality service in any other situation.

We don’t cold call, offer things that don’t exist or that we can’t provide.

Please ask us first!   Make certain you know what you are being offered and that you are across the facts.  Don’t be disappointed by finding out after it’s too late that in fact what you thought you were being offered falls well short of what you actually need.   

Did you know;  

  • We support clients to access WorkCover support for their industrial loss.  
  • We service Government (pensioners and veterans), Private and WorkCover clients.
  • All providers have access to the same FREE to client hearing aids, maintenance program and partially subsidised hearing aids provided through the government system.
  • We provide FREE hearing checks.

We want you to know that you are receiving the best hearing services in the Shoalhaven.  We are the only truly independent hearing centre in the Shoalhaven.  We are not owned by a manufacturer or an Ear specialist doctor.  We do not pay commissions for the services our staff provide.  We value our community and live in your community with you.

We want you to make wise choices and want you to ask us for our perspective first.

Kind Regards, 

Alison Chiam
Practice Principal
Jervis Bay Hearing Centre.

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