So What Is a Hearing Check?

So What Is a Hearing Check?

Have you ever wondered what is involved when you have your hearing checked for the first time?

The Jervis Bay Hearing Centre understands that it’s difficult to take that first step in your hearing wellness journey.

We know if can be confronting to come to terms with hearing loss and the impacts it has on your and your family and friends.  So we offer free hearing checks that are professional, fast ans fun!

What to expect:

  • A hearing check takes 15 minutes
  • You will hear a series of beeps through headphones and we ask you to press the button when you hear each beep.
  • To ensure an accurate check is performed, you sit in a sound proof booth so that you can be confident of the results
  • It provides a pass or fail result
  • If you pass your hearing check, you will be advised to return in 5 years to monitor your hearing again
  • If you fail the hearing check, the next step is a hearing evaluation which will provide more detail to understand where your hearing loss is coming from

What you should know:

  • Having hearing loss does not necessarily mean that you require hearing aids
  • Only 30% of people with hearing loss require a hearing device
  • Hearing aid technology has advanced dramatically resulting in discreet, stylish and high performance devices in a reasonable price range
  • Pensioners receive free hearing care through the Commonwealth Government program

Why you shouldn’t delay:

  • You will be surprised how easy is it to have your hearing checked!
  • The earlier you identify and manage your hearing loss, the more likely you will delay or prevent the need for hearing aids
  • Untreated hearing loss has been linked to early onset dementia and the impacts incorrectly confused with memory loss and declining cognitive ability
  • If you are over 60, you should have your hearing checked every 2 years

When you should have your hearing checked:

  • When you need people to repeat themselves often
  • When you need to turn the TV up louder
  • When you confuse similar sounding words
  • When others comment that you’re not hearing well

Great Reasons to see the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre:

  • 2 dedicated and highly qualified clinicians who have been part of the community for over 10 years
  • 3 great convenient locations in Vincentia, Ulladulla & Sussex Inlet
  • Outstanding customer service and clinical support
  • Quick appointment times
  • Providers of the Commonwealth Hearing Services program, The Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare funded services
  • Tinnitus and Peadiatric specialisation

Call now on 4441 8886

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