So Why Aren’t They Wearing Their Hearing Aids?

Hands up if you know anyone who has hearing aids sitting in their drawer instead of in their ears?
Do you ever wonder why that is?
Have you ever tried to find out why people with hearing aids don’t wear them?
There can be lots of reasons why people don’t feel comfortable wearing their hearing aids or why they think that their hearing aids don’t work.  The most common problem is that some people are not fit well in the first place and they don’t think that things will get any better.
When I say not fit well, I mean that the device they received needs adjustment so that the sounds are softer or louder or clearer.  They might have an ear mould that is irritating in their ear or they might not know how to operate the buttons on the device. All these reasons are enough to make someone abandon their hearings aids and think that they are better off without them.
The truth of course is that they aren’t better off – they’re still suffering!
With a great hearing wellness provider that they can trust – all of those problems can be solved.  Getting a hearing solution that is just right for you can take some time to perfect and it’s important to both persist with wearing your hearing aids and to go back to your provider until you’re 100% satisfied. 
“Hearing aid technology and styles has advanced hugely in recent times and with so much more choice around today it’s guaranteed that we can find a solution that will bring you great hearing”, comments Michael Brown-Sarre Audiometrist with the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre.
“It’s so important not to give up – let us help you to keep those hearing aids out of the drawer and enjoy great hearing again!”

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