Solutions For Invisible Hearing

Solutions For Invisible Hearing

Many people are embarrassed at the thought of wearing a hearing aid.  The good news is that whilst many people have a hearing loss, only 30% require correction with a hearing instrument.  And even better than that is that hearing aids have become so small that recently 2 world leaders in technology development released INVISIBLE aids!

These ultra tiny hearing instruments are recessed deep inside the ear canal and are invisible to those around you.  in the past there have been hearing aids that sit completely in the ear canal and are flush with the entrance of the ear canal, but now the invisible hearing instrument sits further in the canal making it hard to notice.

Other invisible aids are implantable “extended wear” instruments which can be worn for up to 3-4 months (continuously), whereas the invisible in the ear instrument can easily be inserted and removed by the user.  The sound quality is crisp, clear and natural, and uses some of the industry’s best microchip technology.

“People feel unaffected, confident and spontaneous again when wearing their invisible hearing instruments.  They will transform the lives of those people who need to wear hearing aids but are looking for the most discreet option possible!” says Alison Chiam, Audiologist.

All  hearing aid fittings need careful consideration and consultation, so make sure that you have all the facts and information from clinicians Alison and Michael.

Leading manufacturers have used their most recent technology and microchip inside these invisible hearing aids, ensuring excellent sound quality.  The Phonak ‘Nano’ and Oticon ‘Intiga’ represent great technology in the most invisible style hearing aids available.  Both of these are available at the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre.

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