The acoustic environment


Have you noticed that it is easier to hold a conversation in your own home rather than in a busy restaurant?  The difference is because of the acoustics.  Poor acoustics affects everyone’s ability to hear well, particularly if you are experiencing difficulties with your hearing or you wear a hearing aid.  Here are some things to consider that determine if acoustics are more likely to be good.

  • Low ceilings or those with acoustic tiles in the ceiling
  • It is always best to sit in the corner of a noisy room than in the middle of it
  • Soft surfaces, carpets and rugs
  • Armchairs, upholstered seating and cushions
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Tablecloths, placemats and coasters
  • Bookshelves, pictures and posters on the walls
  • Good lighting
  • Limited or no background noise such as televisions, and have radios turned off or turned down

Rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, public buildings, swimming pools and supermarkets all deliver poor acoustics.  Therefore it is important to consider these factors when planning an outing or holding conversations with family in your home, and when you are out and about to try and be in the best acoustic environment you can be.

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