Tinnitus Week 2019 – February 4 to 10

Tinnitus is the often debilitating presence of sound in the ears or head with no known source. It may be a ring, buzz, whistle, hiss, hum or cicada like sound. This constant irritation can lead to depression, cause anxiety and greatly affect lives.

Many people suffer tinnitus without realising that there is a scientifically validated rehabilitation method available which has an 83% success rate.  First, have a diagnostic hearing test.  This will tell your Audiologist whether there are any patterns which indicate further medical investigation. is required.  Tinnitus can be caused by a range of things from wax up against the ear drum to an acoustic neuroma (or tumour).  Your Audiologist wants to help you identify what is causing your tinnitus.  Once the initial testing is complete he/she will work with you to make a plan.  If there are no medical indications then you may be a candidate for Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (based on CBT).  Find an Audiologist trained in this specialised area and ask them about your situation. 

There are also strategies available to help you to manage Tinnitus.  Speak to an Audiologist who has trained in the area of Tinnitus for more help in this area.

Did you know some quick facts about Tinnitus.

  • Tinnitus can happen at any age.
  • Tinnitus affects 1 in 10 Australians – that’s over 2,000,000 of us.
  • Anxiety and depression can be associated with Tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus doesn’t discriminate and can affect people from all walks of life.

The Jervis Bay Hearing centre is committed to helping those that suffer with this condition, and will be posting about Tinnitus all week to raise awareness.

For more information or to donate to Better Hearing Australia (VIC) visit: www.betterhearing.org.au

The Jervis Bay Hearing Centre is a hearing, hearing aid and Cochlear Implant Centre of Excellence.

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