Have you worked in a noisy workplace in NSW? If so, you may have a hearing loss, possibly without knowing it.

Half all people with hearing loss
are workers aged 15 to 64 years.
Unrecognised and untreated hearing loss has been shown to be linked to poorer health, reduced social interactions, social isolation and poorer mental health. However, in people with a hearing loss, early treatment has been shown to benefit overall health and quality of life including social interactions, mobility, and mental health. However, delaying treatment
makes it harder to recover these

in 2016 some reforms to NSW
Workers Compensation came into
effect. The changes may affect
people with hearing loss resulting from a workplace injury.

There are around 18,000 people with existing claims that could benefit from these new reforms. For example, if you have been provided with hearing aids in the past as the result of a Worker’s Compensation claim, you may now be entitled to additional support and compensation for your hearing aid.

If you think you have workplace
injury that has affected your hearing then it is important to act promptly. Contact the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre for more information and assistance. 

Hearing is very precious and fragile, so it’s important to protect your hearing in the workplace. The work environment is a common source of incidents and events that can adversely affect your hearing. If you require specialist advice
about protecting your hearing in the workplace, we can offer advice and solutions tailored to your particular work environment.

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