Access to for South Coast Residents to Cochlear Implant technology

Cochlear implants have improved the hearing of millions of people around the world. They are effective, long-term solutions for people with one-sided deafness or with hearing loss whose current hearing aids don’t seem to be working as well as they once did. But until recently, people who could benefit from this marvellous technology have had to travel long distances to treatment centres in Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne. Now people living in the South Coast of NSW can have convenient access to this marvellous technology. The Jervis Bay Hearing Centre, which has clinics conveniently situated at Vincentia and Ulladulla, now offers cochlear implant services. “We can now offer cochlear implants to our clients here in the Shoalhaven, cutting out the longer travel times and making ongoing support much closer to home,” said Alison Chiam, Director of the Jervis Bay Hearing Centre. She made the announcement at a recent celebration to mark the Ulladulla Centre’s 6th anniversary of providing services to the southern part of the Shoalhaven. “No longer will our patients on the South Coast need to travel outside the region to access a complete range of hearing services and technologies,” she said. “Many people in the Shoalhaven who are experiencing difficulties because of poor hearing, will now have new options for improved hearing,” she said. If you would like more information about cochlear implant services, then please call or email us, or drop in to see us in person and speak to our friendly team.


Alison Chiam is an Audiologist, Artist and Educator.  She is an Independent Audiologist in Private Practice and is Principal Audiologist at Jervis Bay Hearing Centre (NSW).  Her speciality areas include Hearing rehabilitation, Tinnitus and Sound Intolerance.  At the International Tinnitus Seminar in Brazil 2011 she was part of a team who was won the Ted Vernon prize for their ground-breaking work on Tinnitus and Hypercusis.

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