Hearing myself for the first time. A 29-year-old Cochlear Implantee.

Jervis Bay Hearing Centre is making Cochlear implants accessible for those on the South Coast of NSW.  Cochlear implantation has 4 main stages, candidacy, surgery, mapping and rehabilitation.  Previously prospective implantees found themselves making regular journeys to Sydney to be evaluated and for their implant to be tuned. 

Our Audiologist, Alison Chiam trained under the inventor of the cochlear implant, Professor Graham Clarke at the University of Melbourne’s Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.  She has 25 years experience in diagnostic and rehabilitative Audiology.  We are delighted to be able to offer this spectacular Australian invention and to support people to access this life changing technology.    If you have an implant or think you might benefit from an implant, drop us a line via our web site or ring on 44418886.  We look forward to helping you to hear.

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